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Our Real Kraft Paper is absolutely equivalent to conventional leather, just a natural product. Not only in the processing, quality is always our first priority. Only the very best materials end up becoming one of our products.

Our Kraft Paper is made from vegetal cellulose fibers – it therefore consists of natural, renewable raw materials. The cellulose fibers are reinforced to the highest strength in an organic refining process, which gives the material its unbeatable characteristics – it becomes incredibly tear-resistant, waterproof, and durable.

No two pieces are exactly alike – in short, our material is as individual as its wearers. Each of our products is unique, made by meticulous and loving handwork. Over time, the material adapts more and more to its owner and gets its very own look. Our bags live with their wearer and reflect his adventures and experiences through structure and patina.

// Incredibly durable
// Water resistant & washable
// Super light
// 100% vegan

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Organic and vegan

Well thought-out concepts and carefully selected materials, combined with real craftsmanship. Following this credo, we place great value on sustainable products and high-quality materials.

Our Real Kraft Paper is made in Germany and therefore meets the highest quality standards. The manufacturer of our material attaches great importance to ecological raw materials, sustainable production and fair working conditions. It is sourced from forests that are responsibly and sustainably managed, thus having a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, it is completely free of any harmful substances.

The best thing about our Kraft Paper: in addition to its many environmental benefits, it is a true substitute for leather – only no animal has to be harmed for it. Not only is it in no way inferior to leather in its appearance – during its lifetime, the material becomes softer and softer, giving it a unique, leather-like look and feel.

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